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Holland is a famous K-pop idol, aged of 22, from South Korea. In parallel with his singer life, he studies at the Seoul Institute of Arts. With the release of his first song in January 2018, he accumulates over 1 million views in only one day. Holland claims that being gay influences him in the way he creates music, to deliver a message of peace and respect.

Holland is the first K-pop idol to be gay in South korea where rights for LGBTQ people are not considered. His first song “Neverland” tells the story of a boy who was discriminated because of his sexual orientation, and who dreams of a place where he could live happily, being his true self. Because he suffered from bullying at school, Holland wants to affirm that people should not be harassed because of who they love.

“I’m a symbol of change”

“Don't worry, because you are so beautiful
just the way you are.”


“Every lyric comes from my personal experience. I’ve never learned how to write lyrics but I wanted to convey my true thoughts.”


#MyMutiny Stories

Let’s build our new manifesto.


Assert your self-expression. Bannish conformity. Break the rules.