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Replica collection

Eaux de toilette

Inspired by the collection of clothing and accessories, the 'REPLICA' fragrances capture memories that we all share... Those ten eaux de toilette instantly evoke images, impressions and emotions that echo the collective unconscious as well as our personal history.

The Shape of Memories

With a silhouette inspired by classical apothecary jars, the bottle used for the fragrances fits perfectly within the codes of Maison Margiela. A cotton label, resembling the tags used on clothing and accessories for the 'Replica' capsule collection, identifies each fragance.

Replica Filters

Bring a twist to your memory to make it even more personal with a new layering routine.

Step 1: Choose your memory
Step 2: Apply a FILTER

Replica Eau de Toilette - Filter Blur - Bottle Replica Eau de Toilette - Filter Glow - Bottle
Replica Eau de Toilette - Filter Blur - Label Replica Eau de Toilette - Filter Glow - Label

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