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Raya Martigny

Raya Martigny is 24, she lives in Paris and comes from Réunion Island. As a model, she shows that her body is a banner of her values, who she is and how she considers her sexuality.
In 2018, she performed with SOPHIE MSMSMSM, the anonymous Scottish record producer, singer and songwriter, in a sensual electro-pop art show. The performance was close to an aerobic exercise class, in a very sexy choreography.

Her body, her identity, her sexuality are the things she fights for, in order to advocate feminism. She claims her freedom and the fact that she can be whoever she wants to be. Unstoppable is the best adjective to define her. Never try to prevent her from doing something. She will do it anyway.

“I do what I want,
even when people want to stop me"

“I love to live kind of dangerous situations sometimes to just learn more about myself”

Raya Martigny

#MyMutiny Stories

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Assert your self-expression. Bannish conformity. Break the rules.