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Enam Asiama

Born in Ghana, raised in the UK, Enam defines her own beauty and her body being a Plus size model. She has partnered with creatives such as Black Girl Picnic, Strickly Queens and Missguided, always having in mind that she embodies and makes the voice of a minority.

Her motto ? Advocate the empowerment of women thanks to self-love and self-esteem. On social media, she shows to the world how she characterizes herself, as a “Fat Queer Black woman”.

“I put on the clothes that people tell me not to put on. 
  I show skin”

“I try and go against every norm and break all the rules because why not ?”

Enam asiama

“My key to self-confidence ? Look in the mirror,
not too many times.”


#MyMutiny Stories

Let’s build our new manifesto.


Assert your self-expression. Bannish conformity. Break the rules.