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Aquaria was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania and is of Italien descent. She started performing drag in 2014. Her drag name comes from the astrological sign Aquarius and highlights her character : focused on causes that benefit humanity and Earth. She won the 2018 season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and then worked with Moschino, H&M, as well as MAC. Aquaria is also a singer, and has released a single called “Burn Rubber” in 2018.

Aquaria defends LGBTQ’s rights and acts to educate people about this culture, overall what she calls “LGBTQ babies”. For her, being a drag queen is a way to wear happiness, to be festive and not a way to transform into a woman. She controls any detail of her appearance when she turns into drag, saying that she designs her outfits, her nails, her performances, to be as creative and original as possible. That is a way for her to control who she becomes

“I bend the rules
to own my identity”

“Don’t replicate something else, be your own self”


“Don’t let your upbringing, your surroundings, whatever situation you are living in, don’t let those stop you from being the greatest you that you can be.”


#MyMutiny Stories

Let’s build our new manifesto.


Assert your self-expression. Bannish conformity. Break the rules.